Our menu

Our specialty is classic Mediterranean cuisine, because it is an art in itself, and thanks to its simplicity and the highest quality products, it acquires an original taste. We celebrate the seasonality of products, but just like at home, we are also open to your suggestions and individual tastes.

A classic, full-course lunch or dinner, a small snack, or perhaps coffee and dessert? The choice is entirely yours.

The menu below is an example that may change depending on the availability of seasonal products or Michel’s mood.  


Traditional French onion soup

32.00 zł

MaMaison seasonal cold soup

29.00 zł

Herring matias, young potatoes, sour cream

38.00 zł

Crottin de Chavignol, lettuce, plum chutney

43.00 zł

MaMaison beef tenderloin tartare

46.00 zł

Fish tartare, mussels, espelette peppers, broad bean salad

43.00 zł

Duck foie gras parfait, backed fig, homemade brioches

47.00 zł

Bourgogne snails with garlic butter 6 pcs (GF)

36.00 zł

Bourgogne snails with garlic butter 12 pcs (GF)

72.00 zł

Cassolette with thymus and veal kidneys, forest mushrooms

48.00 zł

Main dish

Sea bream fillet, saffron risotto with mussels

69.00 zł

Fjord trout, sorrel sauce, keta caviar

70.00 zł

Aile de Raie, “rai wing”, sauce Grenobloise

75.00 zł

Veal ossobuco, forest mushrooms, provencale panisse

67.00 zł

Duck breast, crispy polenta, chanterelles, porto sauce

68.00 zł

Beef tenderloin, graitn dauphinois, bordelaise sauce

97.00 zł


Vanilla crème brûlée Paris-style

28.00 zł

“Baked Alaska” ice cream dessert, baked Italian meringue

28.00 zł

Fine tart with apples, toffee sauce

30.00 zł

French chocolate mousse, seasonal fruit, feuillantine

32.00 zł

Warm dark chocolate fondant, with vanilla ice crèam

33.00 zł

GF – Gluten Free

There may be allergens in our dishes. Please ask the staff for details.

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